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30 Black Celebs You Didn’t Know Were Related

In the celebrity world, whether it’s music or television, there usually is six degrees or less of separation between celebrities. Some of these connections are well-known, and others we find out about much later. You may be surprised to find out the family connections between some of the most popular celebrities that you and I hear or read about every day. Let’s talk about 30 Black celebrities who are related.


Brandy, RJ, and Snoop-Dogg:

She is a famous singer and actress, and her brother is also an actor and aspiring singer. Snoop-Dogg, the infamous rapper, has become a household name in the rap music industry. He has been able to brand and re-brand himself as more than just a gangster rapper; now, he is a business owner and television host. These celebs are first cousins.

Quincy Jones and Rashida Jones:

The last name is a popular one, but did you know that these two Joneses are related…father and daughter. Quincy Jones is a famous musician and record producer, and Rashida is a well-known actress.

Monica and Ludacris:

We are all familiar with these two names in the music world. However, their family connection has not been as well-known. Monica’s mother was married to Ludacris’ uncle, so this would make them step-cousins.

Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady:

These basketball phenoms were both drafted into the NBA at the same time. But many didn’t know that they are also cousins who have supported each other’s careers from the start.

Damon Dash and Stacey Dash:

He is famous for starting the most popular hip-hop clothing line, and she is famous for her role in the teen movie. Although it is said that Damon doesn’t always like to claim her as family because of her “controversial” politics, he and Stacey Dash are first cousins.

Al Roker and Leni Kravitz:

Being a newscaster and being a rock singer don’t have much in common, but these two certainly do. Al Roker and the famous guitarist and rock singer Kravitz are first cousins.

Erykah Badu and Jamie Foxx:

Soul singer and comedian/actor is not a family combination you often see. Yet, on Badu’s father’s side of the family, Jamie Foxx is her second cousin.


Sheila E. and Nicole Richie:

Sheila E is a famous drummer, and Nicole Richie is a fashion designer and the (adopted) daughter of the famous Lionel Richie. Well, Nicole and Sheila E are related biologically because Nicole is Sheila’s niece.


K-Ci, JoJo, and Fantasia:

Singing definitely runs in the family! Lead singers and brothers of the famous Jodeci group are first cousins with “songstress” from American Idol, Fantasia.


Timberland and Pharell:

both are famous music producers, and they are also cousins.


Shaq and Bill Belamy:

Basketball and comedy are not normally two professions you see in the same family. Yet, these two are second cousins.

Berry Gordy and Redfoo:

Gordy is the most popular music producer through the decades, and Redfoo is a rock singer. It is not well-known that these two are father and son.


Pete Rock and Heavy D:

Another set of family members where music flows down the pipeline. Pete Rock is a well-known and very popular DJ and Heavy D, who has since passed away, was also a popular and well-known rapper. The two are cousins.


Martin Lawrence and Christopher Martin:

the famous movie house party, which starred Christopher Martin as “Play” one of the two members of the music duo Kid and Play and also Martin Lawrence, was a huge success. These two men played cousins on television and our cousins in real life.


Chad Johnson and Syleena Johnson:

She is a singer, and he is a former football player turned reality TV star. These two are brother and sister.


Gabrielle Union and Saweetie:

Not many people would have put these two together, an actress and basketball wife and a rapper. However, these two are cousins.


Dre and Warren G:

some might call these two a dynamic duo within the Rep industry, and many would agree that they were. When Dre’s mother married Warren G’s father, these two became step-brothers.


Snoop Dogg and Nate Dogg:

Well, it seems that Snoop is related to a few celebrities. These two brothers were both in the rap industry, and they are also cousins.


Nia Long and Sommore:

Both actresses and Sommore a comedian, these two women have the same father, which makes them half-sisters.


Da Brat and Lisa Raye:

Da Brat is a rapper and Lisa is an actress. Stardom runs in the family with these women, who are half-sisters sharing the same father.


Beyonce/Solange and Bianca Lawson:

everyone knows that Beyoncé and Solange are both famous as singers and fashion designers in their own right, and Bianca Lawson is also famous as an actress. Her famous actor father is Richard Lawson, who married Beyoncé and Solange’s mother, making these women step-sisters.


Glady’s Knight and Aaliyah:

both of these women are famous individually. Glady’s has had a successful singing career for many, many years. Aaliyah was an up-and-coming famous singer who unexpectedly passed away. They are related through Aaliyah’s uncle, who married Glady’s in 1974, and the two had a son together.


Nas and Yara Shahidi:

He was a famous singer, and she was a child actor. Nas is the first cousin of Yara’s mother, making them second cousins.


Regina Hall and Chip Fields:

Regina is a well-known actress, and Chip is also an actress. Chip’s fame came mostly through her famous daughter Kim Fields. Regina is Chip’s niece.


Phylicia Rashaad and Debbie Allen:

Many would call these women icons on both the stage and the screen. Felicia is an actress, and her sister, Debbie is a dancer, director, and producer.


Whitney Houston and Dionne Warwick:

These women are also icons in the music industry. Their names are synonymous with excellence in singing. The late Whitney Houston was the first cousin of Dionne Warwick, who became famous in music first.


Rick James and James Brown:

These two were some of the most famous black solo singers in the 70s and 80s. They are both cousins.


Rick James and Danny Glover:

This famous singer is also cousins with this famous actor.


Donna Summer and Bobby Brown:

Music is popular in this family pair. It is official that both of these singers are distant cousins. It became official when Donna Summer mentioned Brown in her autobiography.


Jackson family (Michael, Janet, etc.) and Stevie Wonder:

Everyone knows the names of these famous singers. However, not everyone knows that they are related. The Jackson family is related to their cousin Stevie from their mom’s side of the family.

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