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Selena Gomez Shares Photos of her Romantic Christmas Date with her Boyfriend, Benny Blanco

Selena Gomez Shares Photos of her Romantic Christmas Date with her Boyfriend, Benny Blanco

After confirming her relationship with music producer Benny Blanco, Selena Gomez shared a romantic photo in which she makes it clear how in love she is.

After years of being single, a few days ago, Selena Gomez confirmed her relationship with music producer Benny Blanco, who is also a friend of her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber. Selena Gomez shares the first photo of kissing Benny Blanco

Through Instagram, Selena Gomez confirmed her romantic relationship with Benny Blanco. The 31-year-old artist shared with her followers a series of photographs of her “favorite moments” of her during this week in New York.

In addition to posting photos from Taylor Swift’s birthday, Gomez shared especially romantic photos with her boyfriend Benny Blanco, including one where they appear kissing.

Shouting from the rooftops what she feels for Blanco, Selena wrote: “He is everything in my heart,” to respond to a fan’s comment who questioned her: “Why was it the best thing that ever happened to me?” as reported by People.

Although a few months ago the singer revealed that she was comfortable being single, everything indicates that Benny’s arrival has changed the sentimental perspective of the singer of songs like Ice Cream and Wolves.

Selena Gomez responds to criticism for her relationship with Benny Blanco. Despite the criticism that the singer has received after revealing her new relationship, Selena Gomez published a message through her Instagram account in which she defended her courtship.

The actress and singer continues to live her own love story with the producer and singer, with whom she has had a very fun date.

At the beginning of December, the news broke that Selena Gomez was no longer single, but had rebuilt her life with singer and producer Benny Blanco. To everyone’s surprise, the leading actress of ‘Only Murders in the Building’ confirmed, with a ‘story’ of a photo of the two of them, that yes, she was very happy with her new partner and even came out to defend him of critics stating that “He’s still better than anyone I’ve ever been with before.”

A forceful reaction with which she considered the issue settled and with which she admitted that she does not care at all about the opinions of others. Now, more than two weeks later, we have verified thanks to the new photos that Selena Gomez has left on her Instagram, that this new relationship has a promising future, and who knows if they will end up getting engaged next year.

For now, what they have done is enjoy a very fun date. The two have gone to an art exhibition to, in addition to soaking up the culture, have a good time taking selfies together.

In a room full of countless mirrors that create an optical illusion, is where Selena Gomez and her new boyfriend, Benny Blanco, have posed very affectionately to take some photos that they will keep as very nice memories.

But the actress and singer has not only let us see this snapshot, but she has also shared with her followers an image of her partner admiring this exhibition room. This new love completes the great year that Selena Gomez has lived, since in addition to continuing to have great success with her beauty brand, ‘Rare Beauty’, the series ‘Only Murders in the Building’, available on Disney+, has brought her one of the greatest joys of her career: being nominated for the Golden Globes for ‘Best Television Actress in a Musical or Comedy Series’. I hope she is lucky and takes home the award.

If life smiles on Selena Gomez, that’s it. The singer and actress is in a great moment, both professionally and personally, and we have proof of this. As far as her music is concerned, the singer surprised us last August with the release of the song and video clip for “Single Son”; And she has done both things with the music producer, Benny Blanco, with whom she seems happy.

The couple confirmed their relationship by publishing some images on Instagram. The two are enjoying time together during the Christmas holidays, and they have done so with a visit to the Luna Luna Forgotten Fantasy art amusement park in Los Angeles. In one of the three photographs shared, they appear hugging for a selfie in the reflection of one of the works with kaleidoscopic mirrors, and another, the artist captures her partner from behind, showing off his boyfriend. Of course, they are smiling and lovingly celebrating their first Christmas together.

But this isn’t the first time Selena, who worked with Benny on his latest track as well as his 2019 song, “I Can’t Get Enough” featuring Tainy and J.Balvin, has given fans an idea. what their relationship is like.

Earlier this month, the creator of the makeup brand Rare Beauty posted photos of some of her favorite moments from her trip to New York. And she was also seen wearing a ring with her initial “B.”

Without a doubt, this new love completes the great year that Selena Gomez has had. The actress and singer explained that it was the best thing that had happened to her.

Selena Gómez is more in love than ever, as she confirmed a few weeks ago when she revealed her relationship with producer Benny Blanco. The event marks a new chapter after the tumultuous relationship she had with Justin Bieber and other love stories that did not turn out as she expected.

Although she revealed it herself, some users on social networks expressed their discontent with Gómez’s choice, arguing that the creator does not have the same attractiveness as other celebrities she has dated. Likewise, Benny criticized her in 2020, pointing out that she was opportunistic and desperate for fame when she launched her makeup line, so her fans assured her that they would not have a happy ending.

She invited her fans to celebrate this new stage in her life, declaring, “If you can’t accept my happiness, then don’t be in my life at all.”

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