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How to travel for cheap or free

With rising inflation costs and more people opting to have staycations instead of family vacations, it may seem pointless to even think about traveling. But traveling does not have to be a dream that’s far off. No matter your financial tier in life and no matter who you are, when you spend your money on traveling, you want it to be well spent. Here are 5 ways you can travel for cheap to stretch your money far while also having a terrific and memorable vacation.


Tip #1-Book flights early.

Oftentimes, people wait until the very last minute to book their airplane tickets for a vacation, but that pretty much guarantees that you will pay the highest price. Think of airline tickets like retail sales for clothes: when you buy in the off-season, you land a great deal and end up getting more for less. So, if you book your flights early, like during the early winter for your summer vacation, then you certainly get the best deal.


Tip #2 – Housesitting.

There are ways you can travel to wonderful destinations and stay in other people’s homes. Online boards and websites like or connect you with people all over the world who are looking for someone to stay in their homes while they are away. All you have to do is book your flight and your housing accommodations will be free. Now, it’s not just a party; it’s a commitment because strangers are trusting you with their home. Some people have done this by housesitting multiple houses while staying in the same country.


Tip #3 – Get a Job.

One way you can travel is not for a vacation, but for a job. There are many people overseas who are looking for a nanny or au pair to help take care of their children. This is a great way for you to travel to a new place while also making your own money. Other jobs like this include working for seasonal resorts or cruise ships. Travel experts say, “The best way to nab a cruise ship gig is to have skills you can use to either educate or entertain passengers.”

Why not travel the world, go on exciting adventures, meet new people, and get a paycheck at the same time? For someone who wants to travel regularly, these travel jobs would be


Tip #4 – Get a Travel Scholarship.

If you are a student, there may be a way for you to travel without having to come up with a lot of money to pay for it. There are funds available in the form of grants or scholarships for students interested in studying abroad. Students can learn more about this travel opportunity by inquiring about scholarships or grants at their school’s study abroad office.


Tip #5 – Credit cards.

Whether you are in or out of school, a student, or someone working a regular 9-to-5, you use credit cards for everyday purchases. If you have a credit card that awards you with points for purchases at your local grocery store or gas station, you can use those points toward airfare and travel. The points count as travel miles. Most times you can end up traveling for free on these credit cards.


Seize the opportunities and happy traveling!


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