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Taylor Swift Elected Personality of the Year by Time Magazine

The famous Time magazine named the American singer as the Personality of the Year, thus confirming her incredible influence in 2023.

It will have marked 2023! Taylor Swift, after a year crowned with many successes, has just been named Personality of the Year by Time Magazine. A new consecration for the 33-year-old artist who continues to shape his career according to his desires and takes on projects at a very sustained pace.

Taylor Swift seems to be constantly at the heart of the news for several months, between her albums, her tour, and her event film. A look back at a particularly prolific year 2023 for the singer-songwriter-performer-director and producer.

At the end of 2022, with the release of her new album Midnights, Taylor Swift managed to establish herself again in the stores and confirmed her constant artistic evolution, playing with genres and sounds. 2023 thus begins in the best possible way, with the announcement of a world tour, not just to promote Midnights, but to celebrate 10 distinct musical eras, since the start of his career.

Taylor Swift, prolific even during the coronavirus epidemic, found herself frustrated at not being able to offer her albums Folklore (2020) and Evermore (2020) tours worthy of the name, and rather than focusing on her three or last four albums, decided to open The Eras Tour to his entire discography to make it a real musical event. Successful bet.

2023 (Taylor’s Version)

In addition to the launch and success of The Eras Tour – which benefits from an ambitious scenography and also shows all the physical abilities of the singer, who performs three-hour concerts for several weeks – Taylor Swift continues to release new recordings of his first albums under the name Taylor’s Version, to recover all of his rights, sold a few years ago by his manager without his agreement.

In 2023, two albums are in the spotlight: Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) in July and 1989 (Taylor’s Version) in October. With each new release, new songs adorn the artist’s old records (in addition to those already known), and Taylor’s Version, as would new songs, manage to rise to the top of the listening charts, demonstrating timelessness on the part of Taylor Swift, who touches several generations thanks to her talented use of text and music.

Also in October 2023, his tour migrates from stadiums to the screen with the release of Taylor Swift – The Eras Tour, which becomes the most lucrative concert film in its first weekend of operation and resoundingly revives a genre a little outdated, appearing alongside the scores usually achieved by blockbusters.

Economic and artistic success for The Eras Tour, which makes Taylor Swift, according to American analysts, one of the artists to have made the United States economy work the most during the summer of 2023, alongside Beyoncé and of the “Barbenheimer” shock.

Political Influence

Such success quickly affects the upper echelons of the State, and beyond the musical and artistic field, many voices are beginning to see Taylor Swift as a formidable influencer in matters of politics. His speech, encouraging voting and registration in polling stations, had particularly conclusive results, and eyes are inevitably turned toward 2024, one of the most uncertain presidential years in the United States.

By becoming the personality of the year 2023, Taylor Swift stands out against King Charles III, Sam Altman, Jerome Powell, Donald Trump’s litigators, Vladimir Putin, the Hollywood strikers, Xi Jinping, and even… Barbie!

For Sam Jacobs, editor-in-chief of Time Magazine: “Much of what Taylor Swift has accomplished in 2023 is immeasurable, [and she] gives value to the dreams, feelings, and experiences of people, and especially of women “. She succeeds Volodymyr Zelensky and above all becomes the first personality from the world of arts to be named “Person of the Year”.

2024 already promises to be just as rich for Taylor Swift with the resumption of her The Eras Tour (including in Europe ), which has every chance of becoming the most lucrative tour in history for a female artist, surpassing Beyoncé and her Renaissance World Tour.

Rumors are also flying about the release in the coming months of Reputation (Taylor’s Version, or even an unreleased album. And the film produced by Searchlight Pictures, written and directed by Swift is still relevant and could well give new signs of life, without forgetting the incessant rumors around participation in the Deadpool 3 film.

Taylor Swift Magic

For Taylor Swift fans, you can go there with your eyes closed! Almost 3 hours of Taylor live, closer than you’ll ever see her!

The show is incredible, with 40 songs, crazy scenography, image captures worthy of the show, and costumes that will blow your mind. More than a film, it’s a real experience!

Also validated for curious accompanists who know nothing about the Taylor Swift phenomenon, the concert is excellently well thought out and allows you to understand the singer’s musical evolution!

Finally, a huge BIG UP to Taylor Swift herself, who sings, dances, plays music (guitar + piano), and galvanizes an entire stadium for 3 hours!

The same goes for the dancers who accompany him and all the technical teams!

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